Smart Appointment


"Smart Appointment" offers a smart and efficient queue management solution for managing your patient appointments and waiting free consultation for your patients. It offer patients to book the doctor's appointment online by allowing them to join & track your queues remotely.
"Smart Appointment" has a very simple installation process across multiple platforms (Mobile and Web) which can get you up and running in less than a day, along with providing an option to re-schedule the appointment if needed. With wide range of services we help you manage your time accordingly. We show your appearance on our site as per the account details provided by yourself. We help you to communicate with your patients in a seamless and smooth way and create a life-time experience for both patient's and doctor's in the healthcare industry.

It's time to find you!

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others"-Gandhi

Set-up & Customization

Setting up doctor's account in minutes. Extremely easy way to connect to patients through some simple steps. After all, as per our current policy, it is totally FREE.

User Interface

Extremely easy to use and reception & staff friendly UI. Accessible through all devices and across platforms (PC, Laptop, Tablet & Mobile).


Real-time queue alerts and notifications to patients so that the patient can visit with minimum waiting time. The patient receives an alert before the queue starts, also, if the doctor re-schedules the appointment the patient gets a notification then and there.


No integration required with your existing system. Our application works as a stand-alone application, helping you manage your patients and reduce waiting time for them.

Data Security

Protecting your confidential data is our highest priority. We keep your data safe. For details, please read our privacy policy

Dedicated customer support

Get phone support and 24/7 whats up & email support and a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you through each step.

Our team will contact you within 48 hours